A Robe for Samuel


With great joy I share the following excerpt from Faith Feedings: 12 Principles to nurture your child’s spiritual development (Release Date: June 18, 2015). (Faith Feeding 1. Ideal Mother)

“In time, the Lord answered Hannah’s prayer. She named her son Samuel, which sounds like the Hebrew word for heard of God. After Samuel was weaned from his mother’s milk, Hannah kept her promise. She took Samuel to Eli the priest in Shiloh and left him there to grow in the Lord’s service.
Can you imagine Hannah’s days and nights of anguish over her son? Was he safe? Was he being fed properly? What would he be like when she saw him again? Such thoughts about her son prompted Hannah to make a special gift. But Samuel was ministering before the LORD–a boy wearing a linen ephod.  Each year his mother made him a little robe and took it to him when she went up with her husband to offer the annual sacrifice. (1 Samuel 2:18-19).
Ponder that robe. As women, we know it gave Hannah hope. She wasn’t through the city gate before she began planning next year’s robe. Her thoughts took away the sting of parting from Samuel year after year. The biggest question Hannah had to answer each year was the size of the next robe. She had to evaluate her son’s present stature and estimate a year’s growth. Hannah knew the robe she was making was not an ordinary garment. She understood the spiritual significance of a linen ephod. God himself had fashioned the priestly robes, and it was for God himself that Samuel was being raised to serve. The annual robe was a statement of faith that Samuel had, indeed, been a gift from God. The robe changed as Hannah’s faith grew. No doubt there was a prayer with every stitch that young Samuel would grow to be a man of godly character and purpose. Hannah’s handiwork framed Samuel’s physical, spiritual and emotional growth in his early childhood. The yearly Growing Robes were markers of Hannah’s hopes and dreams for her son.”

Hannah’s hopes and dreams for her son ring true for all mothers.  I believe that every mother wants to do what is best and right for their child (And grandparent, aunt, uncle, and father).  Let’s take a nudge from Hannah.  Consider how you would fashion a robe for your child–a robe for him or her to grow into in the next twelve months.

Begin by sketching a robe on a piece of paper. Thoughtfully and prayerfully, list on the robe two tendancies that you see in your child now.  Identify two godly character traits you would like to instill in your “Samuel” and list them as well.  You have begun making a Growing Robe! Let the faith wardrobe begin.  Get the hangers ready!

OPP: (an App in action)  In the comment space below share with me one godly character trait you would like to develop in your child.  In turn, I will respond (to the best of my ability) with a Bible verse to add to your Robe.  Example: Honesty–“The LORD detests lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful.” Proverbs 12:22  I look forward to partnering with you for the faith of your precious next generation.

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A Faith Sowing Circle

Needle and threadWhen I was a young girl, it was deemed that I would benefit from sewing lessons. Without proper instruction I chose a pattern and material for my sewing project. The dress pattern was too intricate and the material was too flimsy for a beginning stitcher. On the day of modeling our hand-made creations I felt like every pucker and crooked seam were on display. Thank heavens that the floral fabric was lovely and hid the imperfections of my sewing project. As I recall this experience, I realize that failure was the teacher of the class.  The lesson from the early teens sewing class: understanding of the vision is needed for sewing success. Indeed, I did benefit from sewing lessons. I have become a Sewing Teacher.

Today, I invite you into a sewing class that will reap eternal benefit. The material is the fabric of faith. The pattern is the Word of God. The aim is not to sew a garment of woven threads. The goal is to sow a garment of faith.  Let us gather in our sowing circle and fashion Growing Robes for our next generation. The beautiful thing about sewing or sowing  for Jesus is that we cannot fail.  His word never returns to Him empty (Isaiah 55:10-11). And His mercy extends to all of those who fear him from generation to generation (Luke 1:50).

I earnestly invite you into my passion to secure the conscience of the next generation for God. Join in. It will take more than a village. It will take a Kingdom! DO YOU SHARE MY PASSION FOR BUILDING FAITH IN THE NEXT GENERATION?

Next Post: an excerpt from Faith Feedings…12 Principles to nourish your child’s spiritual development  (release date–June 18, 2015).  In this time together we will meet Hannah who is the inspriration behind The Growing Robe.