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Faith Feedings: 12 Principles to Nurture Your Child's Spiritual Development

As I scroll through the photos stored on my phone I see that they are arranged in moments. Each of these moments represents a slice of my life that I deemed worthy to record in pictures. Reflection of times past reveals that life happens moment by moment. Each of these segments of time are worthy of our gratitude and acknowledgment of God. The truth is, however, that as we scroll through life our Heavenly Father is often left out of the picture.

Faith Feedings…12 principles to nourish your child’s spiritual development was written to bring God Into the Moment in the lives of your children and families. The Back Cover of Faith Feedings says it best:

“We can’t rely on culture, education, technology, or government to build a heritage of faith in our offspring. Faith Feedings is a study of wisdom from the Bible that reveals what is right in God’s eyes, to help you cultivate godliness and integrity in your home. Through twelve Faith Feedings, which progress from ‘milk’ to ‘solid food,’ (Faith Feedings) communicates insight and encouragement for mothers and other close family mentors to be fully engaged in the assimilation of the Word of God into their children’s hearts and home life. This book includes practical and creative activities for integrating Scripture into the everyday lives of children.

(Faith Feedings) is essential reading for mothers, mothers-to-be, and anyone who hopes to mentor a child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or any other young person in her sphere of influence. You can cultivate a child’s conscience toward God!”

After reading Faith Feedings a dear Pastor and friend told me that I made one mistake with my book—“You didn’t write it to fathers!”

Are you burdened by what the world is bringing Into the Moment in the lives of our children? Make it your passion in life to see to it that God is not being left out of the picture as far as your next generation is concerned.  Read Faith Feedings.  Gift Faith Feedings.  Donate Faith Feedings. And by all means, Pray that Faith Feedings will have a small part in a faith revival in our land.

“Small numbers make a difference to God. There is nothing small that God is in.”
D.L. Moody, 1837-1899.

After that whole generation had been gathered to their fathers, another generation grew up, who knew neither the Lord or what he had done for Israel (Judges 2:10)  Bring God Into the Moment today! Deem Jesus worthy of your courage and boldness to make Him known to the next generation.

OPP (opportunity for action):   It is my dream to see gatherings of women exploring Faith Feedings in communities across America. To this end, I have written the Faith Feedings Study Guide. This valuable “faith in the next generation” tool has been made available on  It can be found on the BOOKS or RESOURCE pages. Fall is quickly approaching. Invite your friends and neighbors to join you in a Biblical parenting experience. It is no small thing to encourage mothers to do for their children what is right in God’s eyes. You are the perfect one to change the faith landscape of your community. As always, I am available as a practical and prayer resource. Bring God Into the Moment on your street!

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Going Beyond Color


For those with the gift of sight, color is the richness of life. God has splashed His creation canvas with color distinction. We see it in the rising and setting of the sun, in fields of grain and flowers, in painted walls and dyed fabrics, and in deep water and heavenly blue skies. In each of these mediums color tantalizes our senses and causes us to reflect on the beauty of the earth.

Color also serves to define the races. In the people of the earth we see rich skin tones as only God could paint. Sadly and all too often, however, skin colors expose the true color of our hearts and define our attitudes. Over thirty years ago I attended a skin color class. The class was held at my local Red Cross. I went to donate blood, but I left with a newly defined heart for all people groups. The nurse positioned me on the table with my head at the feet of another blood donor. As my own blood, steadily dripped into the collection bag, I glanced at the bag of the person who was at angle to me. Though I had only seen his shoes, I knew that he had come to the Red Cross that day with the same intention as my own—to give blood for the life of another. For some reason, I took note of the color of his blood. It was deep red just like my own. When my blood bag was filled the nurse helped me sit up on the side of the table. At that moment, my color lesson was complete. The man with the deep red blood had deep brown skin. Suddenly, I realized that Jesus viewed both of us the same. Life is in the blood. We are defined in Jesus’ eyes by the color of our blood, not by the color of our skin. And what is more, Jesus shed His life blood for all skin colors. On His trip to the Wooden Cross he gave His blood gift of eternal life to all peoples of the world without respect or consideration of flesh tone. Lesson learned and cemented in my heart!

One of the most God-honoring lessons that we can teach our children is that Jesus showed no discrimination when he died for the sins of the world (John 3:16). This crucial family lesson is learned best through our own example. Words alone will not suffice. Take your next generation beyond the color of skin to the beautiful deep red blood that is pumped through the heart of every one of God’s created human beings.

The question is not, “What color is your skin?” The question is, “What color do you bleed?” The only race that should concern us is the race toward unity with all of those for whom Christ died. Now is the time for all of us to go beyond color! Now is the time to pray for the gift of sight! AMEN!…may it be so to God’s glory and delight.

But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin. 1 John 1:7

OPP (opportunity for action): In my church this week we sang the familiar children’s song of faith: Jesus Loves the Little Children. Do you recall the words? Jesus loves the little children of the the world. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world. Regardless of your color, make this song your song. Sing it for yourself and to your children. I encourage you to find an opportunity this week to communicate with or help someone whose color is different from your own. Make sure your children are in full sight of your words and actions.  Chip away at the barriers and build layers of the Color Red…the deep beautiful color of the blood that was shed universally for the forgiveness of sins.

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Let’s Talk T-r-u-t-h

imageSeveral years ago a toddler was sitting on a chair with his dog nearby. Suddenly, he let loose with a long and loud passing of gas. Without hesitation he looked at me and said, “It was the dog”. At the time I was shocked with his recognition of the need to cover for himself with an untruth. Alas! Innocence lost at such an early age! As I reflect on this moment today, I realize he may have heard the “It was the dog” untruth from a close at hand adult. The truth is that fabrication is normal for children. They are so unaware of their transparency. It is vital, however, to monitor such tendencies lest they become a pattern of dishonesty. It is also vital to model truthfulness.

The essence of The Growing Robe is to cultivate your child’s conscience toward God. Imparting God’s desire for honesty and truthfulness is at the top of of Growing Robe list. Honesty is the keystone of integrity. As you are aware, integrity is fleeting in our culture and society. Let’s do an about-face! Let’s make telling the truth a priority in our homes.

Truth pleases God The Lord detests lying, but he delights in (those) who are truthful. Proverbs 12:22. When you associate honesty with pleasing God you give your son or daughter a glimpse of the character of God. God is Truth. The ultimate goal for any of God’s children is to delight in delighting their Heavenly Father. Proverbs is a book of contrasts. Teach your children the stark contrast between doing what God detests and doing what is a delight to God.

Truth takes courage Lies cover a multitude of wrongs. Eventually, they expose a multitude of sins. Falsehood masks itself as the easy way out. We all know that is a lie! By commending your children’s courage when they tell the truth you strengthen their faith. Standing for the truth over a lifetime is hard work. Encourage your family with the words that God spoke to young Joshua. Joshua 1:7 Be strong and very courageous.

Truth always wins Truth always wins because God always knows and God always blesses obedience. An awareness of God’s omniscience is a deterrent to lying lips at any age. God is your child’s partner in truth. Make sure that your kiddos know that God already knows their heart and accepts them as they are. You cannot lie to God.  For God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything. 1 John 3:20b.

Teaching your child the value of honesty before God is a monumental task. It is a milestone to be sought in a faith home. Our sons and daughters must recognize the eternal benefit that truthfulness brings to them. Let’s Talk Truth is a life-long family journey. It requires parental consistency, grace and sometimes long suffering. That is exactly what our Heavenly Father extends to us as he transforms our own hearts and minds into His likeness. On second thought, this writing would have been better tagged: “It was the dog!”

OPP: Catch your child in a truth! Praise them for their courage to be honest. Let them know that they have pleased you and God by their decision to tell the truth. Pray that your child will come to know and accept the Truth of God’s love for them…While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

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