The Unwrapped Present


The greatest gift from God to all peoples cannot be contained in packaging. Neither can it be tied with a bow. It cannot be measured by inches or valued by currency. The Unwrapped Present of Christmas bears the name of Immanuel which translates “God with us”. Surely, there is no other present so sacrificially given as God Himself becoming flesh among us. Surely, God in His unlimited understanding gifted us according to our deepest need. Surely, God’s Presence is framed by His unfathomable love.

Personally, I am not at ease opening gifts in front of others. Several years ago I was taught a valuable lesson through the young woman my son chose for his wife. A friend of mine honored her with a Wedding Shower. The very first gift she opened was a lovely robe. After rubbing her hand over it with a grateful smile she took the robe out of the box, stood up in front of a crowd of people she did not know and slipped her arms into her gift. The response to her gracious action was audible. As I reflect on this precious moment, I realize that my daughter to be sensed the value of the present given in love. She received it with full honor to the giver.

With great reverence and gratitude for God’s immeasurable love, let us Unwrap Immanuel and give Him full honor in our lives. Let us purpose not to squander Christmas this year. Stand up wth great courage and slip into the gift of His Presence in our lives. Deep in your heart you will know His delight—His Peace. Bring God Into the Moment this Christmas for the sake of faith in your own next generation.

I delight greatly in the Lord; my soul rejoices in my God. For he has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness… Isaiah 61:10

     God’s Presence is the true present of Christmas. Unwrap Jesus this Christmas.                                                              

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