An “I Do” Do-over


On this day 48 years ago my husband Paul and I said “I do”. Looks like we made it!

Our long-standing marriage is a testimony to God’s grace and faithfulness. On this day, I especially thank the Lord for my husband—a man of faith, compassion, and honor. Like many others things I reflect upon these days, I look back over the years of our marriage and wish for a “do-over”. This is because I see the value of our love relationship more clearly now than ever before. In my mind, I think that we would have done a few things differently. The truth is, however, that in my heart I know that the Lord has kept our “I Do” vows for us. No do-over needed…just praise and gratitude to the Father of our union as husband and wife.

As a tribute to my husband I share an excerpt from my book, Faith Feedings.

“My own life has been enriched by a husband who honors my faith in God. The value I place on a husband’s faith support is illustrated in a conversation I had many years ago with my children. It was in the early Fall just after the beginning of a new school year. My dear friend had been killed in a car accident during the summer. The smell of cookies in the oven (Slice and Bake ™ variety) set the stage for one of those golden moments. My friend’s son and my daughter were the same age. She expressed her concern for him. “I am sad that he is coming home from school to no mother.” I agreed and assured her that even though his mother was not with him now, he had good memories of their conversations. I knew that my friend had often shared with her son the things she valued. Suddenly, from around my table one of my children blurted out the question of a lifetime. “What would you want us to know if you were not here?” I remember even today the thoughts that flew through my mind. There were many good answers to that question. I could tell them to be faithful to the Lord; to make good moral decisions; to bring glory to God in all they do. And then I spoke to my daughter and son. “The one thing I love most about your father is that he shares my faith. Find a husband or wife who will share your faith as well.” Praise God, they did just that! It is amazing to me that neither my son nor my daughter remembers this specific after-school discussion. But it does not amaze me that God remembered it.” (Faith Feedings12 principles to nurture your child’s spiritual development. p. 33-34. Deep River Books. 2015)

Today is tomorrow’s yesterday. There is no time like the present for an “I do” Do-over!

Proverbs 18:22 He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.
OPP (opportunity for action): Pray for the future spouses of your young children (and grandchildren). Pray that the Lord will direct their paths to the one of God’s choosing.
If you have married sons and daughters pray that God would give them a fresh glimpse of the value of their marriage in His eyes today so that on their latter anniversaries there would be no need for an “I do do-over”. May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance. 2 Thessalonians 3:5