Unleash Your Merry


Merry Christmas is a proclamation of a gift. It is a gift given to you by the giving of God’s Son for your eternal life. Now tell me, is there a greater gift under your tree? Merry Christmas is a two word testimony. It signifies God’s profound love for you as demonstrated in His forgiveness of your sins. Merry Christmas is a banner over you that gives voice to your identity in Christ and expresses the joy of the celebration of Jesus’ birth. I encourage you to lace your Merry Christmas with respect, love and grace and regift it to those God sends along your path today.

Early yesterday when I was writing these thoughts our doorbell rang. As I opened the door I shrugged off my sleep attire and rumpled hair and noticed the driving rain. Standing before me was a postal worker with a box and a soaking wet manila envelope in her hands. She looked at me and said, “I dropped the envelope into a puddle.” At that very instant, the Holy Spirit unleashed my Merry. “Thank you for your honesty and Merry Christmas,” I replied. The ensuing glance between us was quick and rich. As I closed the door, I prayed that our early morning encounter would bring a blessing of peace and joy into her day of service. Certainly, it did so for me!

Kids are extra observant during the Christmas season. Let them observe your faith in action as you give the gift of Merry Christmas in your home and community. It will enliven Jesus in their hearts and give them courage to share the true meaning of Christmas in their own circles of faith influence. I pray that God will Unleash Your Merry in this very day.

And Mary said: My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior…(Luke 1:46).

Tis the Season. Make the most of your Merry.

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