March Madness


The March Madness to which I refer is not the brand given to the NCAA basketball playoffs. Nor is it a term ascribed to the latest terror tragedy in Brussels or the frenzy of our current political scene in America. It is Easter Monday. The March Madness I have been thinking about the last week as I have marched through Dr. Luke’s account of Jesus’ death, is the madness of the world that would resort to the futile thinking that they could eliminate the Son of God. Or that they would raise a cross to accomplish such a travesty.

Even more remarkable is the response of Jesus to the charges against him. Listen in on this conversation between Pilot, Herod and Jesus (Luke 22:70-23:9). Pilate: Are you the Son of God?  Jesus: You are right in saying I am. Pilate: Are you the king of the Jews? Jesus: Yes, it is as you say. Herod: Plied him with many questions in the hope of seeing Jesus perform a miracle. Jesus: … remained silent and gave him no answer. Jesus did not give reply to Herod, but the Father in Heaven did. Luke 24:5-6: Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen! These words, dear friends, is March Madness to the world. But, let it not be so with us.

Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life of his friends (John 15:13). Now there’s a BRACKET we can LIVE with—eternally!

OPP (opportunity for action): Make everyday Easter for you child. Make securing the conscience of your child for faith in the resurrected Son of God the passion of your life. How else will they survive the March Madness of the world in which they are living? May we,by God’s grace and enablement, stop the bleeding that is draining faith from our families and leading our children further away from God. Are you with me in this?

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