More than a Silhouette


An awesome thought came to mind while I was praying the 12 Things I Desire for Our Children while standing in front of the Silhouette pictures of my Grandchildren. They are not Silhouettes to me. As they grow I know more and more of their unique personalities and giftedness. Every time I am with them, my prayer for each one of them becomes more specific. And then it hit me! My Grandchildren are more than Silhouettes to God. Not even their flesh hides their hearts from God. The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart (1 Samuel 16:7). With these words God identified the man who would be King David, to Samuel. Do I not want to seek God for His purpose and plan for my FIVE? God is intimately involved in the creation and being of your next generation. Make it a priority of your life to seek God’s favor–His purpose, plan, wisdom, and peace–for  your children and your children’s children.

Now let me once again speak to the 12 Things I Desire for our Children as mentioned above. These 12 Things are the essence of each chapter of spiritual nutrition in Faith Feedings…12 Principles to nourish your child’s spiritual development by DeeDee Cass. They were the subjects of my blogs dated June 17, 2015 and December 15,2015. Also, they are illustrated in the ABOUT section of my website:   My dear sister has had them compiled for me as a 2016 calendar so I am reminded of them daily. These 12 Spiritual Principles have transformed my prayer for each one of my Silhouettes. I encourage you to pray them over your Silhouettes on a consistent basis.

IMAGINE the possibilities of faith in the next generation if we as a collection of like-minded faithful moms and grandmothers (aunts, sisters and friends too) began to speak the 12 Things we desire for our children to the ears of God. Wouldn’t He be totally delighted?!!! Let’s start a movement of God. We can call it The Silhouette Project.

As a wife, mother, Grandmother and woman of faith there are 12 things I desire for our children. I want them to…

1. To live in the presence of God
2. To grow in the likeness of Jesus
3. To find their value and significance in God their Creator
4. To walk in ever-increasing faith
5. To be raised in godly discipline
6. To be surrounded by people who believe in them
7. To know God will fulfill His purpose in their lives
8. To know that God loves them and gave His Son to prove it
9. To trust in the unlimited understanding of God
10. To place their hope in God regardless of their circumstances
11. To earnestly love God and others
12. To reflect godly character and integrity in all they do

OPP (opportunity for action)—A Faith Feedings Brochure has been printed that includes the 12 Things list. If you would like a lovely printed version of this list email me at   Include your address (which will be kept private and not be used for further communication) and I will send you the FF Brochure. In the meantime, pray for your Silhouettes like there is no tomorrow! Share with your children the deep searching Words of Psalm 139:13-16 over and over again. The prayer of a righteous (woman) is powerful and effective (James 5:16).

2 thoughts on “More than a Silhouette

  1. The 12 Principles says it all. You just gave me an idea. Since I have the photos of each of my grandsons on the wall, I, now, can say the 12 Principles as I look at their beautiful faces.
    I may add a few specific things for each one knowing God has each one in the palm of His hand. Continue on as this is much needed in today’s world.


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