Single WIth Children

Needle and threadAre you Single with Children? Do you know someone who is? As we continue to fashion Growing Robes for our sons and daughters, it is imperative to instill in them the tenets of the Biblical family. It is God’s desire that children be raised in an optimum faith environment. More than ever before, we as members of the faith community are being called to order our lives in such a way as to widowafford all children every good thing they need for faith in God. Single with Children is not just a societal classification. It is an open invitation for God’s grace and support extended by His people, the Church.

As of 2014 (Census Bureau), 12 million families in the United States are headed by a single parent and 83% of that total are single mothers. Think about the number of families in your circle of influence that need you to invest in their daily lives. You may be an answer to a single mom’s prayer for someone to assist her efforts to raise her children in godly discipline.

Years ago our son showed great sensitivity to a young classmate whose parents recently divorced. By God’s grace and our son’s prompting we connected with the mother and her three children. In the ensuing years God afforded us many opportunities to lend support and show the love of Jesus to this fractured, but precious family. My son’s young friend went on to be Youth Pastor. For certain, he learned insights within his own family experience that would serve him well in his chosen ministry profession. Our family has been blessed to share the joy of seeing God at work in our midst. In Gods economy, efforts to come along side of single moms (or dads) is never wasted.

In my life of ministry to women and families, God has given me a picture of another type of single mom. She is the mother whose husband and father of her children does not profess faith in Jesus. He may be willing to allow her to raise their children in the way of faith, but he is unwilling to participate in their faith experience. In this situation the children are exempt from the model of a faith dad. In addition, their faith burden for their father grows as their own relationship with God grows. Each of us can be a ray of hope in such families.

The Bible reveals God’s heart for another category of single mom—those who are widowed among us. James describes true religion as looking after orphans and widows in their distress…(James 1:27).I urge you to take this mandate seriously. A women who is Single with Children because of the loss of a husband to death is especially vulnerable in our society.

Just when I thought I was ending my single mom list, another type of Single with Children has come to mind. Think for a moment for the growing number of mothers and children whose lives include a husband and father in prison. No family needs our faith support more than those in which the children know their fathers only behind steel bars.

Fret not, people of faith. There is no statistic known to man by which God is bound! Let’s get this one done in the Lord! Begin by asking God to intersect your path with a Single with Children parent. Be ready to be amazed at how He responds to your burden for those in need of a Growing Robe of faith.

If you are Single with Children please know that God loves you and values your family. Earnestly pray for God’s intervention in your life. Be ready to be amazed at how He responds to your deep desire to do what is right and best for your children. Post a comment on The Growing Robe blog or contact me at so that I can cover you with God’s faith and love.

May the Lord lead your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance. 2 Thessalonians 3:5

OPP (opportunity for action): The best way to connect with single parent families is through your children. Raise their awareness of those in school or church that do not have the advantage of a complete family unit. Nurture your own child’s sensitivity to the needs of his classmates. Always remember that service to others in the Lord is never in vain. God will use it to build the faith of your own children in the process. Blessed Sowing!

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