Just Like Old Times!


In this month of July 2015 I have experienced deep and precious family time. As 24/7 caregivers in our home to my 92 year old mother, Paul and I have relished God’s provision for a change of venue. We have visited the homes of our children in South Carolina and the home of Mickey Mouse in Florida. Along the way we have tasted the richness of life in “the Christ lane.” Memories abound and laughter rings in our ears. On this day however, I share with you a “page” from my book, Faith Feedings. I do so to encourage your personal efforts to cultivate faith in your family and beyond.

It is my long time daily practice to meet with the Lord in the early morning. Over the years my early rising visiting grandchildren have found me at my place at the kitchen counter with my Bible in hand. I cherish the time I have had to nurture their faith in the quiet sunrise times in our home. Yesterday, I heard my eight year old grandson’s footsteps as I was spending time with God. Suddenly, he burst into the kitchen and said, “Just like old times!” Can you imagine the joy and fulfillment that came to my heart and soul at the sound of those words? In a flash, all the compromise of caregiving and separation of miles vanished. In that moment, I knew I was in the right time and right place and so was my grandchild. In that moment, all the truth of my purpose and mission came to life.

At this moment, I encourage you to establish yourself in a daily time with God that will be evident to your children. Give them opportunity to see your devotion to God in action. It is not the amount of time that matters. Rather, it is the consistency of your relationship with God as expressed in daily time in His Word and in prayer. Your incremental and long standing appointments with your Heavenly Father will allow your family to connect your godliness and wisdom with your commitment to discovering God’s Character and Supremacy within the pages of your Bible. Nothing will do more to secure the conscience of your next generation for God. And further, nothing will be more pleasing to God. In this early morning, I have the peace of knowing that my grandson knows my heart of faith. The picture of his Deedah sitting before the Lord will be forever etched in his mind. He will need it as he grows into the likeness of Jesus. The days ahead are sure to test our belief in the one true God. Surely, we desire that each of our children and grandchildren stands firm in their personal decision to ask Jesus into their hearts. Daily devotion determines daily faith. Daily faith builds daily devotion.

Gotta go now…footsteps on the steps…just like old times!!!

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. Psalm 119:105

OPP (opportunity for action): Make the connection. Model daily dependence on God. Find a time and a place in your home and make it your get away with God. Plan to attend a formal Bible Study in the Fall which will keep you accountable to daily Bible reading. Check out the Resource Page on http://thegrowingrobe.com which includes a downloadable Study Guide for Faith Feedings …12 principles to nourish your child’s spiritual development. Invite your neighbors to study the Faith Feedings parenting principles with you. Make your home a haven of devotion to God as you cultivate a faith harvest…for old times’ sake!

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