12 Things I Desire for our Children

“…a great door for effective ministry has opened to me…” 1 Corinthians 16:9

Each of the following quotes are excerpts from the so named Faith Feeding in Faith Feedings…12 principles to nourish your child’s spiritual development.

As a wife, mother, grandmother and woman of faith there are 12 things I want for my own next generation. I desire these for your children as well.

1.  To live in the presence of God   “ We live in the day of God’s grace. We can raise our children in the presence of the Lord in our homes.” Ideal Mother

2.  To grow in the likeness of Jesus    “Be intentional about confirming glimpses of God in others and anticipate God doing a mighty work in their lives.” Boy Jesus

3.  To find value in God their Creator    “Replace their self-image with God-image. This understanding serves as a shield against unkind words, failure, and poor self-image.”  You Are God’s Good Idea                                                                                   

4.  To walk in ever-increasing faith   “Every child needs a personal faith trainer. You are it. Mothers trained in righteousness produce righteous-ready children.” My Mother, My Grandmother

5.  To be raised in godly discipline   “Godly parental restraint and discipline is the pathway of blessing for our children.” Bad News Boys

6.  To be surrounded by people who believe in them   “Be an armor-bearer for you children by embracing their ideas as they grow.” Cliff Climbing

7.  To know God will fulfill HIis purpose in them   “Recognizing our royal positions is a key to understanding the value of each season on our life calendar.” Hadassah’s Story—God’s Glory

8.  To know that God loves them and gave His Son to prove it   “The greatest joy to a mother of faith is a child of faith.” Nick’s Night Job

9.  To rely on the unlimited understanding of God  “Teaching your child to see things through God’s eyes will yield in them a determination to trust God.” Boy to Man

10. To trust in God regardless of their circumstances   “Daniel’s faith parents taught him to walk with God in the present and trust God with the future.” Exiled Faith

11. To earnestly love God and others   “…loving God is not complete without loving others for whom God gave his Son.” For Goodness’ Sake. 

12.  To reflect godly character and integrity in all they do   “Embroider the words noble character, justice, mercy, and a humble walk with God on their Growing Robe with twenty-four-carat gold thread.” Wherever You Go

Faith Feedings…12 Principles to nourish your child’s spiritual development written by Dee Dee Cass is scheduled for release by Deep River Publishing on June 18th, 2015. Please pray for this faith work to get into the hands of mothers of faith influence across the land.

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