I Call To Mind

Louise Wood Smith
February 14,1945-June 1, 2014


Today, I gratefully remember our dear friend Louise Wood Smith. Louise was the perfect person to have had a Valentine’s Birthday because Louise epitomized love—love of God and love of others. I so admired Louise’s capacity for love that I used to tell her that I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. I recall the first time I told her my grown up wish. She looked at me with wide eyes of humble surprise and patted her heart with disbelief. Over the years, I expressed this sentiment often to Louise. I am glad about that. My friend was certain that I loved her and held her in high esteem.

Louise shared my passion for cultivating faith in the next generation. As a matter of fact, hers was a life lived for the sake of faith in the next generation. In just eighteen days my book will be released. Faith Feedings was written to inspire and support mothers in securing the conscience of their children for faith in God. Surely, Louise will be leading the heavenly celebration for this long awaited movement of faith revival in the family!

Last June 1st , in Louise’s Pennsylvania faith community, we sang the song Ten Thousand Reasons in our Sunday Worship. Little did I know that as we were singing God was readying Louise for her welcome into the fullness of His Presence. You can imagine the joy in my heart when Ten Thousand Reasons rang out at her service in her Georgia faith community. Indeed, when I grow up I want to be just like Louise. I have 10,000 reasons for such a lofty desire.

Your statutes are my heritage forever;
they are the joy of my heart.
My heart is set on keeping your decrees to the very end.

Psalm 119:111-112

4 thoughts on “I Call To Mind

  1. On My Dee Dee;

    What beautiful words you have used to describe our Sweet Louise. She learned so much from you and was so impacted by the woman’s ministry you have passionately lead for so many years.

    Thank you for your words and heart for our family.



  2. Thank you, Dee Dee, for the wonderful tribute to our dear sweet Louise. She was an inspiriation to so many, especially me. I treasure the memories that I have of our 45 years of friendship. We are all blessed to have known her. Her legacy does live on in her children and grandchildren. I look forward to your book: She would be pleased , as am I. God bless you and your family. Love and God bless, Sandy Ramstad


    1. I so honor your long-term friendship with Louise. Truly, you were sisters in the Lord. Louise knew about and was excited for the book–no surprise there!


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