Let’s Talk T-r-u-t-h

imageSeveral years ago a toddler was sitting on a chair with his dog nearby. Suddenly, he let loose with a long and loud passing of gas. Without hesitation he looked at me and said, “It was the dog”. At the time I was shocked with his recognition of the need to cover for himself with an untruth. Alas! Innocence lost at such an early age! As I reflect on this moment today, I realize he may have heard the “It was the dog” untruth from a close at hand adult. The truth is that fabrication is normal for children. They are so unaware of their transparency. It is vital, however, to monitor such tendencies lest they become a pattern of dishonesty. It is also vital to model truthfulness.

The essence of The Growing Robe is to cultivate your child’s conscience toward God. Imparting God’s desire for honesty and truthfulness is at the top of of Growing Robe list. Honesty is the keystone of integrity. As you are aware, integrity is fleeting in our culture and society. Let’s do an about-face! Let’s make telling the truth a priority in our homes.

Truth pleases God The Lord detests lying, but he delights in (those) who are truthful. Proverbs 12:22. When you associate honesty with pleasing God you give your son or daughter a glimpse of the character of God. God is Truth. The ultimate goal for any of God’s children is to delight in delighting their Heavenly Father. Proverbs is a book of contrasts. Teach your children the stark contrast between doing what God detests and doing what is a delight to God.

Truth takes courage Lies cover a multitude of wrongs. Eventually, they expose a multitude of sins. Falsehood masks itself as the easy way out. We all know that is a lie! By commending your children’s courage when they tell the truth you strengthen their faith. Standing for the truth over a lifetime is hard work. Encourage your family with the words that God spoke to young Joshua. Joshua 1:7 Be strong and very courageous.

Truth always wins Truth always wins because God always knows and God always blesses obedience. An awareness of God’s omniscience is a deterrent to lying lips at any age. God is your child’s partner in truth. Make sure that your kiddos know that God already knows their heart and accepts them as they are. You cannot lie to God.  For God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything. 1 John 3:20b.

Teaching your child the value of honesty before God is a monumental task. It is a milestone to be sought in a faith home. Our sons and daughters must recognize the eternal benefit that truthfulness brings to them. Let’s Talk Truth is a life-long family journey. It requires parental consistency, grace and sometimes long suffering. That is exactly what our Heavenly Father extends to us as he transforms our own hearts and minds into His likeness. On second thought, this writing would have been better tagged: “It was the dog!”

OPP: Catch your child in a truth! Praise them for their courage to be honest. Let them know that they have pleased you and God by their decision to tell the truth. Pray that your child will come to know and accept the Truth of God’s love for them…While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

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